Spiritual- infinite Pursuit


That omnipresent light is one, which kindles within all of us and energise life. His image could be different for each of us, paths to reach him could be separate but that truth is one only. We all know this fact but sometimes differ from the actual path. Our target – haven of Mukteswar where everybody can focus on right path and by serving humanity can achieve that divine light. The only way to achieve the light & blessings of that divine power : Love, brotherhood, secular mindset and self-identification by service, experience the presence of that almighty. Emotion and thoughts will be important subjects in this regard. Veerlesh Sansar will be determined to achieve these objectives with your support, if we get any government donation then we will appreciate it from pure heart otherwise our institution will not work under any governement project. Therefore, it’s a humble request that all of you well-off individuals contribute by every possible means to make India a world teacher by giving new dimensions to human civilisation & self-welfare. To achieve this, we need your small monetary help, guidance & support – you can provide your support/donation on the name of VirleshSansaar via cash or directly into account by cheque, please inform with pay-in-slip so that donation receipt can be sent to you.

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Remember, healthy herds generally have lower medication costs, less death loss, and are more productive and profitable.

We determined to achieve  our goals that will help our life

Only way to achieve the light & blessings