Orphans House

About Orphans

This is our attempt & dream, where old aged will get their kids & orphans will get parental love. Our team has surveyed many old aged homes and discussed in our core members meeting which concluded that most of the home organise indoor games, birthdays, sat-sangs & few other programmes but old people feel deprived of family discussions due to absence of family members. And then to get rid of this situation we debated for hours and finally concluded that instead of only old aged shelter we should better start an old aged cum orphans’ home where old people can forget their offspring and orphans also don’t miss their lost parents, We also resolve that by this arrangement not only oldies will enjoy their lives fully but VirleshSansaar will also be playing family role of those children for their lifetime till they become independent, get married and then after. To remove gender discrimination, we decided to provide all these facilities to transgender community as well.