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Veerlesh Sansar is a group of people whose lives have not been less than a struggle. This struggle stepped towards spiritualism which ignited the knowledge of experience by self introspection and this resulted in complete purification of mind, heart and soul. 

All of us have achieved their targets before time therefore with the help of few young minds Veerlesh Sansar originated on 11/10/2017 at all India level. Average age of the members is 58 years.

Served with dedication

Deprived People

Speech less animals



The Lifeline of People

Old Aged / Orphans Home

We believe that deprived & helpless cannot be served just by fulfilling small needs but there is requisite of solid foundational work to change their lives vitally, Respectful touch of love can heal every wound & pain to put smile on face. Our aim is to establish a unique home where both old aged &helpless children stay together as family so that bond of love flourishes like real relations of grandparents with children or parents with their son/daughter. 

Mother Cow/ Cow Shelter

In the service of mother Cow/ Cow Shelter Religion is philosophy. Religion should be awakened in human’s behaviour, as god is present in every human being thus man can achieve god by self-awakening, Religious rituals heal our ailments but for the complete purity of heart Service is supreme. Since the beginning of time every religion like Hinduism, Islam, Sikhism, Christianity, Parsism, Jainism approves that the service of speechless is supreme because they cannot express their ordeal. Mother cow is the abode of 33 crore gods, demigods who also dwell in every other living organism and thus with their service we can identify ourselves & divine within us.

Environment conservation (Utensils/Bartan bank to reduce plastic use)

Current condition of environment is a horrible situation for the world. To stop use of Plastic/Thermocol Veerlesh Sansar has appealed the people of society to not use disposable items. For which we have established a Bartan Bank on 1/12/2019 to provide free steel utensils to people whenever required on any occasion at their home.

Veerlesh Sansar do not believe in arranging rallies or abhiyan to promote to reduction of plastic useses, our objective is constructive.

Spiritual- infinite Pursuit

We all know this fact but sometimes differ from the actual path. Our target – haven of Mukteswar where everybody can focus on right path and by serving humanity can achieve that divine light. The only way to achieve the light & blessings of that divine power : Love, brotherhood, secular mindset and self-identification by service, experience the presence of that almighty. Emotion and thoughts will be important subjects in this regard.

Veerlesh Sansar Old Aged / Orphans & Mother Cow/ Cow Shelter Home Construction Work Started

Veerlesh Sansar Old Aged / Orphans & Mother Cow/ Cow Shelter Home Construction Work Started

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We are trying to reach each and every helpless people